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Suggetions On The Taqboard :D

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hellos :D

How's your one week holidays?
I'm sure it's great :D
For me , I was bored to death the fisrt part of it
but it got better and better.

In a twinkling of an eye,
SA1 will be here soon.
Everyone must work hard to achieve
your target. :3

If any of you happened to come to
this blog and
you spot some mistakes in this blog,
feel free to tell me or XianMing.
So far, Michelle Seah
told me a few of the mistakes.

We really need you all to
suggest songs too.
We only accept songs that
the rest of the class accepts.
For example ; If someone
chooses a rock song ,
Christians from our class
wouldn't like it .
Please think for the others
before suggesting a song.

About the 6A rules,
I think that you all should be
mature enough to choose the right deicision.
As you all know,
every decision comes with consequences.
Choose right deicisions with
good consequences.
Remember ,
you can make a choice but
cannot choose the consequences.

I think I'm kind of naggy. Haha.
I'll stop from here.
Continue to work hard ~!