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Suggetions On The Taqboard :D

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ok it's me again.
Anyway,this blog is like DEAD ?
And those people who saw this blog.
Don't EVER think that we want to claim credit.
Because u are so wrong.

I think a class blog is important for primary 6 classes
because this is our final year working together
and we want to keep our last moments
together. Please tag before you leave.
By the way,there are some birthdays
not written on this class.
So if your birthdays are not here,
please just inform me can?

If you want to blog like what i'm doin right now,
go to www2.blogger.com
then you may ask me or xianming for
th username and password.
Make sure you don't write crap here...
Don't mess up the template part.
Because the blog will look disfigured.

Remember to tag before you leave.
This is a must !
All of you will decide the blog song.
Inform me and xianming personally
or like tag on the tagboard?
Thanks for your cooperation.