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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Congratulations! Our Class Stats Reach 173 visitors PER WEEK!

Special Thanks To:
Jolyn (3 visits from her blog)
Google (10 Visits from the website)
Claris (3 Visits from her blog)
Yahoo (1 Visits from the website)
Facebook (1 Visits from the website)
Like you search at Google and they give you the link and you click it is considered 1 visit from Google.

But Some People Search These Keywords and I Don't Know How Some Of Them Landed Here:

heymath tests contests ri 09 2 hits

sheldon kieren tan

tay wei shinn eric

celine liu singapore

rosyth school admission for 2010

sheldon kieren tan

"howe choong yin"

blog 6a

lee bing qian ryan

kuo chuan 6a

Congrats Celine, You Are Famous!