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Suggetions On The Taqboard :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Heyhey! Claris here to revive this blog :). Firstly, i have put up the secondary school that you're posted to & as i don't know all of your secondary schools, please do tag your secondary school or just immediately add the name of your secondary school beside your name if you know how to use blogger. Secondly, i've updated the links so you can check out other blogs yeah.

Congratulations to my fellow ex-classmates on getting to your dream secondary school. I know it's hard to leave SPS, but at least we had fun times together & no worries, we'll be seeing each other pretty soon. And also, Merry Christmas to all :)! May God bless you all with the determination to continue striving for sucess in your studies.

I'll definitely miss you all lots. Please do keep in touch yeah? Hopefully, we are able to see each other in 10 years time! Haha, that's so awesome. :/. Alrights, that's all for now. :).