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Suggetions On The Taqboard :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HIII!! This is Claris who's saving this blog!! Muahaha :D.

Oh well.... We should all meet up some time,really. I'm not meeting up with most of you so far yet. Sad right?! ): Okay, no time to be sad. So... I'll try to push Xianming to arrange something during this June Holidays... Or maybe Karen... Trust me, I'm not good at arranging, teeheez :D.

So, how are you in secondary school? Different? I mean duh its different but a good different or bad different?

For me... Well... Hmmm... I'm not too sure. LOL. Like half half? Classes now are more boring, you know. We're all guai kia so ya :). And yeap, with all girls, less problems, less noise & more comfortable, lol. No boy-sit-with-girl kind of thing :D. Hehe, so maybe this is a topic you all can post about here :D. If not... whatever. :/

So I guess thats all for now. Miss ya guys!! :D. Miss all the fun times we had together, hoho :). And Nicholas is not really well now. Actually, Idk what happen to him recently but even so, let's jiayou him on and wish him all the best fighting with his health, etcetc. :D.

OKAY! I'm officially ending now, BYE!! Meeeeooow :) <--random meow O:.